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Model construction, graphics, and renderings

for various professional productions

Various Asst Scenic 01-NBC 01.jpg Various Asst Scenic 02-Big Fish 01.jpg Various Asst Scenic 03-Big Fish 02.JPG Various Asst Scenic 04-Big Fish 03.jpg Various Asst Scenic 05-Diner 01.jpg Various Asst Scenic 06-Elvis 35 01.JPG

Rendering for NBC Primetime Upfront 2013 (design by Edward Pierce; model constructed with Jen Price)

Model photos for Big Fish (design by Julian Crouch; model constructed with Lauren Alvarez and Frank McCullough)

Model piece for Diner (design by Derek McLane)

Scale replica of Elvis Presley birthplace for Elvis 35th Anniversary Concert

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Model for pre-Broadway musical workshop (design by Eugene Lee)

Paint elevation for pre-Broadway musical workshop (design by Edward Pierce)

Mozart 01.jpg